Sunday, November 2, 2008


I use only the apple trailers for keeping tab of the forthcoming movies.
Its awesome to see the trailers in MOV format with crystal clear clarity.
Recently,i found out a way to download them and i  would love to share.
This is very simple in firefox.

Go to the apple trailer page that has the media you want.
Step:1  Click Tools, go down to page info.

Step:2 Click the media tab, this contains all of the images, media, etc including the video file
designated as object or video.
For most movies on apple just look at the source and grab any link that has .mov on it
This is the playlist not the actual movie file.

Step:3 Now copy this address.

Step:4 REmove the . after h and add w after 480
now,it will be as follows:

Repeat Step:1 and this time u get the real video with the file size mentioned clearly
Click what you want and hit save as....

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