Monday, November 3, 2008


10.Shaft (2000)
Issac Hayes' classic BG and Samuel Jackson's Badass attitude makes this get into my list

Michael Bay knows how to blow up cars and buildings which we can see a lot in the trailer.

8.Ocean's 13
The 30 second conversation b/w Pacino and Clooney is a cool way of an intro followed by an awesome cast intro.

7.Sin city
The nine inch nail BG with B&W photography makes it look exactly straight out of the graphic novel.

6.Once upon a time in mexico
A slow intro with the usual bartender quipping , entry of the Mariachi builds up the momentum and reaches a crecendo with the list of cast members.

5. MI3
The menacing PS Hoffmann making  Tom Cruise violent with rage and the final drone crashing on car scene..Fabulous..

4.The Spirit
If you havent seen it..See now..

The Trailer 2 is one of the darkest/coolest trailer ever..

2.Possession (2002)
Loreena McKennet's "Mystic dream" makes a perfect gloomy BG for this trailer.

Can anybody give me ONE reason why it should not?

Honorable Mention:
Cloverfield TEASER.
Diehard 4.0
Badboys 2

Watchmen did not make into this cut as i feel it could have been done better..especially from the director who gave 300!!

Why is it that except #2, all are action movies and all are post 2000!!

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