Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sunday's Superbowl 2009 was heartbreaking. I was following both Indy and Saints all through the season and it was very evident that they will clash in the superbowl . Unlike the previous bowls of this decade, we had an equal opponents this time. Not like Cardinals or Seahawks or Giants (against 16-0 Patriots.
In the conference title, the saint's miraculous victory with Minnesota showed they are NOT invincible.
With Manning at its helm, Indy was my favorite in spite of their Week 16 decision.
In the previous bowls, the teams that i rooted for WON. The result was different this time.
To make matters worse, in the previous bowls, both me and my girl rooted for the same team. This time, she went for the SAINTS. When Porter made the final interception return touchdown,i went off the room upset. She saw the rest while i went to bed heavy hearted cursing Lady Luck.
Lady Luck favored the Saints, cos how can Manning/Favre make the SAME MISTAKE?
Anyway, better seeing Brees with THE RING than it is with Tom Brady or Tony Romo.

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